What Parents Should Know About Kids Using CBD

What Is CBD? CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol. It is the largest non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Interest in its effects is increasing. The CBD industry is expanding and marketing their products to “life-promoting” individuals. There are many online sellers of CBD. The market is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2020. There are many options for CBD… Read More »

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Can You Take Too Much CBD?

You may be interested in CBD, whether you consider it the latest health trend, are considering taking it yourself or have relied on it for a while. We will find out. The simple answer is, “yes” as with almost all substances. But, unlike other substances or supplements, the “buts” that follow this answer may surprise you.… Read More »

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The Potential Side Effects Of CBD

CBD can be applied topically to the skin or orally and is generally considered safe. However, there are some side effects that can be caused by CBD. Most of these are mild. Common Side Effects Of CBD Side effects that CBD is most popular for include dry mouth, nausea, dry stomach, gastrointestinal issues and interactions… Read More »

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How CBD Can Improve Your Physical And Mental Health

We all desire to improve our quality of life in some way, however specific that may be for us. You can go to the gym, take up yoga, or simply make time for yourself. All of these things have a positive effect on your health, and help you release the tensions from your day. Why do we… Read More »

CBD Oil — Are The Benefits Claimed Too Good To Be True?

Many people today could use a miracle cure, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, overwhelming anxiety, symptoms related to cancer, and/or neurological disorders. It’s not surprising that CBD oil keeps popping up in search results. Can we really expect CBD oil to have a positive impact on our symptoms the way we want? Paul Terpeluk (Doctor of… Read More »

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CBD Oil: What Are 9 Proven Or Possible Health Benefits?

The CBD market is growing rapidly, with a predicted revenue of more than 20 billion by 2024. What is CBD oil and how effective does it work? Here are 9 possible health benefits that CBD oil may have. What Is CBD? Cannabidiol (short for CBD) is one of more than 200 chemical compounds that can be found… Read More »

Reasons Why Are Hemp Seeds Good For Mental And Physical Health

Holistic healing means using natural therapies to improve overall well-being. Cannabis Sativa is a popular herb for natural healing. Cannabis Sativa is a plant that produces highly nutritious and beneficial cannabis seeds. These seeds are considered superfoods because they contain high amounts of protein, fiber, and unsaturated oils. It not only meets the nutritional needs, but also promotes… Read More »

Discover 5 Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is part of the cannabis family. Hemp seed oil is not a form of cannabis, so it does not contain THC. Hemp seeds have a wide range of scientifically-backed health benefits. Raw hemp seeds can be consumed safely, and hemp seed oil may be used… Read More »

Legalization Of Hemp Could Be First Step For Federal Marijuana Protections

Attention marijuana lovers: You shouldn’t light your celebratory smoke yet. However, a long-standing pot-hostile Congress seems headed towards acceptance of marijuana by more states for medical and recreational purposes. The 2018 farm bill includes language allowing farmers to grow hemp, a plant that is from the same cannabis family as marijuana but with just a trace… Read More »

Is CBD Legal?

While cannabis and the chemical compounds that are derived from it have existed for centuries, they’re quickly becoming more sophisticated, more potent and more popular. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a major component of the current health and well-being trends. But is CBD legal? As with most questions about legalization of cannabis, the answer to this… Read More »